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Vintage Review

Vintage 2014


You'll most likely have heard of the bountiful harvest Mother Nature delivered in 2014. A combo of ideal weather conditions at key developmental periods during the growing season and that warm spring we had in 2013 (I know, no one remembers back that far) meant the perfect storm from a yield point of view.

We had plenty of notice though and vigilant growers thinned crop, sometimes more than once, to increase flavour concentration and to minimise disease pressure not to mention to ensure it actually ripened before the leaf fell off.

As such there was plenty of good fruit picked (ours amongst it) and there are some lovely flavoured wines.

Needless to say though that more fruit per vine takes longer to ripen and some crops pushed out later in the season and were hit by rains in the third week of April that hung round for over a week finishing the season pretty smartly.

So every season has it's challenges and there were plenty of lessons learned from this one that we can tuck in to our tool belt and look forward to the next one.